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    BeeBAGZ News - Sustainable Food Bags

    The Impact of COVID-19 on Single-Use Plastics

    The Impact of COVID-19 on Single-Use Plastics

    Global awareness of plastic pollution has been growing in recent years, along with changing attitudes and behaviours towards the use of single use plastics and fossil fuels, from which plastics are made. With millions of tons of plastic being pumped into the environment each year, we are increasingly confronted with images of beaches and oceans inundated with plastic bags and other single use plastics, and stories of microplastics and toxic chemicals that impact wildlife and human health. With the changing consumer mindset towards more sustainable energy and consumer products, we have seen a movement globally to ban single use plastics at varying governmental levels.

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    Community is Everything

    As each day passes and we hear new updates related to COVID-19, it's challenging to understand how to move forward. 

    Our priority is to do our best to protect the health of everyone at the hive and within our broader community. Operations are being adjusted on an ongoing basis to comply with government recommendations. At this time, we continue to process orders and send them out to be delivered to our retailers and customers. 

    Community means the world to us. With all of us practicing social distancing, we've shifted our focus to fostering and nurturing our relationships online. We're inspired to see the creative solutions and supportive initiatives that are coming out during this time of crisis.

    The Green Living Show (scheduled for last weekend in Toronto) was cancelled. Organizers got creative and have transformed the convention into an online market. BeeBAGZ™ is participating by offering 10% off all products with the promo code GLS20Online. We're inspired by this creative solution!

    We're also pleased to see retailers responding wisely. Many grocery and health food stores are dedicating early shopping hours to seniors and health-compromised individuals. Most retailers we work with are now focusing their efforts online to ensure customers are able to meet their daily needs. 

    We have seen many kind gestures within our smaller community as well: people offering to shop for quarantined friends, neighbours, and family members; people donating to food banks and shelters; people calling, messaging and staying connected online to keep us all feeling supported. Let's keep it up! 

    We believe that this type of unity and support will help us get through this together. It is how we navigate the difficult times that defines us as a society. Small gestures can create ripple effects and change the world.

    Stay home, stay safe, and stay connected through social media.

    Love is in the Air!

    Love is in the Air!

    LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Of course, as all of you know, Valentine’s Day is here. And in Canada, it’s also the Family Day long weekend. 
    Here at BeeBAGZ™, we 💛 love of all kinds – for partners, kids, friends, neighbours, parents, pets, and, naturally, Planet Earth! Here are a few tips on how to keep your footprint light and work towards your zero waste goals while you’re sharing all that love!!

    Source Eco Chocolate
    For many of us, delicious chocolate is synonymous with Valentine’s Day. But the truth is, all chocolate is not created equal. According to the World Wildlife Fund, chocolate production leads to deforestation and often involves child labour. But, more and more companies are working to make chocolate production less detrimental. One of our favourites is Alter Eco, crafted from organic cacao by farmers who are replanting South American rainforests.

    Give Vintage or Locally Made Jewelry 
    Receiving a piece of jewelry selected just for you can feel pretty sweet. It will feel even better when you know it has a light footprint. That’s why we love vintage and second-hand. Typically, these unique pieces are higher quality (hence them lasting long enough to be second hand). If you’re in the market for something new, there’s no shortage of talented artisans who make handmade ethical pieces. Here in the Muskoka region, we love  The Burnt Timber studio. 

    Pick Flowers Wisely 
    It’s hard to believe that conventional cut flowers (which seem like the most natural and organic gift around) could be an environmental no-no, but they typically travel thousands of kilometres to reach us. They are often harvested under poor labour conditions with insecticides and chemicals proven to be harmful to human health. Check out this article for more information.  You can also check out this site,, which has a directory of florists in North America who are selling local, more sustainable products. 
    Keep Your Family Day Events Local
    It’s so wonderful that we have a long weekend dedicated to our families – and whether you celebrate with the family you were born into or the family you’ve made, try to find an adventure nearby! Have a browse to see where you can skate, feast, make a toast, browse artisan creations and make the most of the three-day weekend. 
    Dine In
    Skip the reservations and the drive! Dim the lights and transform your dining room into a romantic setting for two! Cooking at home means you can choose your own ethical ingredients, according to your tastes. Perhaps search out new plant-based recipes to prepare with your loved one and make your Valentine’s dinner a culinary adventure you’ll really appreciate! Books like Cooking With Scrapsor Family: New Vegetarian Comfort Food to Nourish Every Day are sure to inspire.
    Hug Lots. 
    We’re confident this tip is 100% zero waste and will likely warm the most hearts!

    Easy to Make, Easy to Break: Motivation to Keep Your Green Resolutions

    So, here we are. It’s mid-January. The holidays seem like a lifetime ago. Now is about the time when many of us start to lose steam on our new year’s resolutions. But, here at the hive, we're feeling pretty inspired and want to share a dose of positivity when you might need a little boost!

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