Collection: BeeLIDZ™

Beeswax Wrap Can Cover. Great for your cat and dog food cans. They also work on people food cans too!

Keep opened cans of food fresher for longer with this PLASTIC FREE BeeBAGZ® can cover.

Each pack contains 5 covers ~ 5.5" x 5.5" (14cm x 14cm).

SELF SEALING: Wraps securely around food can. Self seals with the warmth of your hands.

EASY TO CLEAN: Wash or wipe in COLD water with a cloth and eco-friendly dish soap, if required.

REUSABLE: Lasts a year or longer with good care. At the end of its life cycle, product is fully biodegradable. Compost or use as fire starters to help ignite your fire.

REDUCE: Eliminate single use plastic wrap in your kitchen with BeeLIDZ™, a more sustainable option.