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    Keep 40% for your school or sports team!


    Raise money for your School or Team.

    Our Eco-Fundraising Program is your chance to raise money for that special project at your school, organization, group or team in a way that benefits the environment and your project.

    Listed on the Toronto School Board approved fundraiser company.

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    We support your fundraiser to help make it a success.

    • We provide digital program materials (sales sheet, posters, brochures, order forms, social media);
    • We provide eco-schools curriculum link suggestions and the BeeBAGZ® Zero Waste Toolkit for your classroom and activities for students to take home;
    • Contact-free pick-up guidelines;
    • Send your fundraising order summary within 2 weeks of your order being submitted. Please note that prices are rounded up for simplicity of collecting cash.
    • Fundraising amounts are calculated based on 40% of pre-tax prices;
    • Make, package, and ship your BeeBAGZ® within 3 weeks of your order being submitted.
    • Protect the personal information of your students and the people listed on the order forms submitted as detailed in the BeeBAGZ® Privacy Policy;
    • Answer your questions and provide telephone and email support for the duration of your fundraising program.

    The environmentally friendly way to raise funds.