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We love working with retailers that are passionate about introducing sustainable products to their communities, both locally and globally. Your customers will love our patented bags and zero waste products.

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Our retailers are a community of people who have made it their business to engage in a way of living that is purposeful, considerate, and appreciative. For many of our retailers, sustainable living is their life's work.


Beeswax reusable food wraps for snacks, fruits and vegetables

We're Looking Forward to Partnering with You!

We're always looking for new retailers to add to the BeeBAGZ® family, and we couldn't be more excited to partner with you!

Why Our Retailers Love BeeBAGZ®


With proper care, our products can be used over and over, typically lasting upwards of one year.


With all-natural ingredients, BeeBAGZ allow consumers globally to eliminate single-use plastic.


Made with the highest quality Canadian beeswax, our products are naturally anti-bacterial and designed to keep food fresh for longer.


Available in multiple sizes and colour ways, there is truly a product to suit your every need.


Each of our products is designed to be repurposed and to eventually be returned to the Earth through biodegradation.


With eco-friendly packaging and slot wall ready boxes, BeeBAGZ® are ready to shine.

Reach out TODAY, info@beebagz.com. We will work with you to set you up with your first order. Thanks for stopping by.