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    Easy to Make, Easy to Break: Motivation to Keep Your Green Resolutions

    So, here we are. It’s mid-January. The holidays seem like a lifetime ago. Now is about the time when many of us start to lose steam on our new year’s resolutions. But, here at the hive, we're feeling pretty inspired and want to share a dose of positivity when you might need a little boost!

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    Celebrate with Less Waste

    The holidays are upon us. And after a very busy 2019, all of us here at the BeeBAGZ™ hive are looking forward to a little downtime with our loved ones.
    Before we go into holiday mode, we want to connect with you about a few things. 

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    Fall Tips For A Smaller Footprint!

    We hope you’re having a fantastic fall season! We’ve been busy here at BeeBAGZ™, but like any productive hive, we thrive when we’re active!
    We know it’s a busy time for you too. So, the gang here at BeeBAGZ™ has come up with this list of tips for making your fall a little more economical, efficient and, of course, all with a lighter footprint. 

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    Every Drop Counts

    Our founding philosophy here at BeeBAGZ™ is that every small action matters.
    Here are some tips from "the hive" sharing just a few of our favourite ways to embrace this approach in various areas of our lives to lighten our footprint and be well.

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