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Preserve What Matters REUSABLE · PLASTIC FREE · BIODEGRADABLE Our beeswax food storage... 

The ZERO WASTE Collection

We examine every aspect of making our products. With Zero Waste goals... 

  • All Natural

    Made with the highest quality Canadian beeswax, BeeBAGZ are all natural and hold characteristics that allow them to be naturally anti-bacterial.

  • Reusable

    By cleaning your BeeBAGZ with soap and cold water, you can ensure their use for up to one year, keeping your food fresher than ever before.

  • Zero Waste

    When you're ready to welcome new BeeBAGZ, repurpose your previous ones as fire starters or watch them biodegrade leaving no trace.

Proud to Be a Certified B Corporation: At BeeBAGZ, we promote sustainability and social responsibility in our drive to create a better, global community.

13,690,010 MILLION

Plastic Bags diverted from oceans and land fills and counting!

Your fresh food work horse.