Back To School: Sustainability Starts Young!

Back To School: Sustainability Starts Young!

We work hard to protect the planet for future generations, and it's also our responsibility to teach them how to do the same. We can do that by integrating simple, eco-friendly lifestyle choices into their daily routines. Choosing to use less plastic when going back to school can help kids start being eco-friendly early on, so they can carry on the important work of looking after our planet.

Say No To Plastic!

BeeBAGZ is a great way to teach your child about reducing single-use plastic. It’s a simple change in their life that teaches them to use eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. Other single-use plastic alternatives are reusable water bottles, reusable shopping or grocery bags, and reusable food storage containers. Single-use plastic items are used for only minutes before laying waste to our planet for years. By teaching our kids about the harm of single-use plastic when they’re young, it’ll help prevent their plastic waste for years.

Food Waste

Food waste is a massive issue for the planet. One-third of the food we produce ends up becoming food waste (Newsome and Van Eeden 2017). That food waste ends up in landfills, wastes the resources used to produce the food, adds to the greenhouse gas issue, furthers soil degradation, and overall, the consequences of food waste contribute to climate change. But, most people aren’t aware of just how dastardly food waste is for the planet. That’s why we have to start teaching our children. Now I’m not saying we have to hold lectures or berate them for wasting food, but instead inform them. Instill the idea that food waste is bad from a young age, and they will never want to waste food again for their whole life.

Regardless, kids will waste food in their lunches; it happens, but what’s important is that we don’t throw it away unless absolutely necessary. Thankfully, I used BeeBAGZ in my kids’ lunches, so their food would stay fresh longer. I would simply check the uneaten food and then I would put it in my fridge so I could pack it again for lunch the next day. This simple action saved my household so much food waste. BeeBAGZ is naturally antibacterial and is made from breathable materials, so it keeps food fresh for longer while preventing food waste! It’s those small changes in attitude and daily habits that will make a massive impact.

Sustainability Starts Young!

As you guide your kids through life's lessons, don't forget to include the environment. It’ll make it easy for them to continue making environmentally conscious choices if they start from a young age. It will teach them to spread their eco-friendly lifestyle through future generations, preventing generations of waste, and creating a ripple effect of eco-friendly choices.


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