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Plastic Free living, made easy

Fresh food in beeswax wrap baggies


Herbs, half-cut onions, leafy greens, cut fruit, and anything else you want to keep fresh until later.

Place item in bag, fold over top and with a pinch of your fingers, your food stays freshly sealed in the bag!


Cool water rinse or wash with a mild soap, tent to dry and your bags are ready to be used again and again.

If unsoiled simply wipe and put away. Soak briefly to remove any food particles stuck on the bottom.

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Fresh food in beeswax wrap baggies


Avoid hot water and abrasives and with proper maintenance, your bags will last a year or more, guaranteed.

Expand the usage of the bags in your kitchen to keep your herbs fresh, your lettuce crispy and your apples from browning.


Once the bags start to lose their sticky property or the beeswax starts to fall off, it is time to replace them.

Repurpose for storage of non food items, cut into strips and compost or use as fire starters to light a fire at home or while camping.

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How to use BeeWRAPZ™

Use the warmth of your hands to form a seal around a bowl, glass or casserole dish . Wash with cool water and mild soap.

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How to Use FireSTARTERZ™

Take two strips or more, light the end, and place into built fire. Watch your flames grow.
Even works on wet wood!

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How to Use BulkBAGZ™

Simply load your food, pull the draw string and you are ready to go.
Lightweight, washable, reusable.

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Fresh food in the bag!

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