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    • Your BAGZ will be a bit sticky at first. This is because of the wonderful natural coating that keeps them going for up to a year. After a few uses however, the stickiness will disappear and your bags will feel like your favourite pair of jeans...nicely worked in.
    • No plastic zippers or velcro with BeeBAGZ™! Once sealed they are ready to carry whatever food you want to put inside to keep fresh for weeks (in the fridge that is...not the bottom of backpacks!).  
    • Load your favourite food, fold top down and seal shut with the pinch of your fingers. The warmth of your fingers seals the bags shut...yup, self sealing, how cool is that?
    • Keep with your other food storage options and use in your fridge, freezer or when on the go in your purse or your kids' backpacks.
    • Ideal for food such as carrot sticks, cookies, sandwiches, lettuce, cheese, nuts, bread/baked goods...pretty much anything you would put into a plastic bag. 
    • BeeBAGZ™ don't like heat, so no soups or anything too hot please. Not dishwasher or microwave safe.
    • Like fine Italian shoes, the more you use BeeBAGZ™ the better they become! BAGZ become more pliable with increased usage while retaining their sticky, secure seal when folded.
    • As with any change in your routine, getting used to your BAGZ will take a bit of time but with increased usage, you will start to see the plastic bags disappearing from your lunch kits, refrigerators and your overall household...One plastic bag at a time, we can all make a big difference.