Plastic Free & Eco-Friendly Food Storage Bags

Using Your BeeBAGZ™

Start by placing food items inside, fold the top of the bag down and seal shut with the pinch of your fingers. The warmth of your fingers seals the bags shut. Use your BAGZ in your fridge, freezer, lunch-bags, and backpacks. Once sealed they are ready to store and/or carry your favourite foods.

Ideal for foods such as carrot sticks, cookies, sandwiches, lettuce, cheese, nuts, bread/baked goods. pretty much anything you would put into a plastic bag. BeeBAGZ™ don't like heat, so no hot foods.

Clean and Care

Beeswax is naturally antibacterial, helping to keep the bags clean and preventing the spread of common bacterial organisms. It is also effective at repelling smells and odours. 

Simply wipe and/or rinse bags with cool water.

Use only mild soap, sparingly. Remember, beeswax is naturally antibacterial

Place your bags  on your dishrack and allow them to dry completely

Avoid scrubbing your bags and do not use harsh cleaners

BeeBAGZ™ cannot withstand high temperatures therefore avoid hot water, microwaves and dishwashers


Mistakes happen. If you skipped the above advice, or think you have a faulty bag, simply snap a photo and email We will happily replace it.












Beebagz - How to clean them (1) from Kristi MacDonald on Vimeo.