BeeBAGZ Eco-Fundraiser 2020/2021 School Year


The Hive is buzzing with excitement over the launch of our Eco-Fundraising Program. It's your chance to raise money for that special project at your school, organization, group or team in a way that benefits the environment and your project.

We are now accepting bookings for October 2020 through May 2021 and we'd love to work with you.

Fund raise with the environment in mind. BeeBAGZ is here to help make your fundraising efforts easy and eco-friendly.

Fund raise for what's important. Our fundraising program is highly profitable, with 40% of pre-tax sales going back to your school or group.

Fund raise with support from The Hive. We make it easy! The BeeBAGZ Hive will help your school or organization with order forms, posters, social media content, a step-by-step checklist, brochures and more.

Fund raise and meet your eco-school goals at the same time. We'll provide curriculum links and a classroom and take-home toolkit to tie your BeeBAGZ fundraiser in with learning in the classroom, steps you can take to meet your eco-school goals, and benefit the environment. Win-win-win!

How does the BeeBAGZ Eco-Fundraiser work?

1. Contact us at to access a webform 
2. We will be in touch to help your school or group plan your fundraiser with BeeBAGZ
3. Put up posters and information on your website and social media accounts
4. Sell, sell, sell (3-week selling block)
5. Submit your order to BeeBAGZ and we'll ship your order within 3 weeks (a $29 flat rate shipping fee is included on your sales report)
6. Distribute orders to your customers with contact-free pick-up dates
7. Celebrate your earnings!

BeeBAGZ offers one of the only Eco-Friendly Fundraisers available for schools and groups. Boost your school or group's efforts to have litter-less lunches and use less plastic by choosing to sell BeeBAGZ to fund raise what's important to you. Your school or group keeps 40% of pre-tax sales! This fundraiser helps your project and the environment. We look forward to working with you!