BeeBAGZ™ Are Better

Why wrap it, when you can bag it!

Simple Design

Water-resistant, self-sealing BeeBAGZ™ are not only functional, but easy and convenient to use.

There's no wrapping required. Simply load your food, fold the top down, and seal shut with the warmth of your fingers. No zippers, velcro or other plastic closures required. 

Fresher-tasting, longer

The combination of 100% cotton, a patent pending seam, and a beeswax solution allows for a breathable storage environment that is proven to preserve food longer. Leafy greens, carrots, cheeses and other foods will look fresher and taste better compared to storage in ziplocked baggies or other plastic storage containers. BeeBAGZ™ provide an attractive storage solution that helps to reduce food wastage and household spend.