About Us

The Need For Change

Climate change is a growing issue for our planet, and it is our responsibility to act urgently to ensure a promising future for ourselves, for our children, for wildlife, and for the existing of our Earth.

Single-use plastics are a leading contributor to plastic pollution, with over 50% of all plastics produced being used for only an average of 15 minutes before polluting our planet for hundreds of years. In fact, 60% of this plastic pollution is derived directly from our very own homes. With this being said, it is our duty to minimize our ecological footprints by adopting sustainable habits that counteract plastic pollution. Even the smallest changes can inspire a ripple effect that spans the globe.


At BeeBAGZ, it is our mission to provide you with socially responsible products that are all-natural and that produce zero waste. With the creation of our bags and wraps, we're actively paving the way to creating mindful communities that counteract plastic pollution and food waste while enhancing lifestyles in a way that is both exciting and enlightening.

We are committed to inspiring impact - one day, one household, one person, and one habit at a time.

Together, we can make a difference.

Our Values

At BeeBAGZ®, we believe that business can be a vehicle for social change, creating a better future for our communities and our planet. Our mission is to inspire others on their journey to sustainable living, one zero waste product at a time, while giving back to the environment in every way that we can.

We are proud to be Certified B Corp, we have partnered with three key organizations that bring people together in support of a healthier planet: 1% for the Planet, David Suzuki Foundation

Beyond this, we recognize the importance of supporting local independently-owned businesses, which is why we are devoted to sourcing our ingredients sustainably and close to home. By ensuring a process that is sustainable from start to finish, we can pave the way to a greener future.


Our Impact

With the support of our amazing community of eco-conscious change-makers, we are proud to share that we have directly prevented the pollution of over 13 million plastic bags in our oceans, landfills and waterways.

Each BeeBAGZ product is entirely waste-free, with our beeswax being sourced from sustainable-managed hives and our jojoba oil being certified organic. Down to the package, we've ensured that all material is biodegradable, allowing for a peaceful and mindful partnership with the environment.

As we continue to grow, so will our impact - and we are excited to continue inspiring change across the globe.

A Message From Our Founder

Hi there!

We are so excited to be a part of your journey to sustainable living, and cannot thank you enough for taking the initiative to help create a better future for our planet. Sustainability and mindfulness have always been important pillars in my own lifestyle. Having used beeswax wrap for years, I saw an opportunity to further minimize single-use plastic by creating a zero waste alternative to plastic bags. After scouring the market and realizing it didn't exist, BeeBAGZ® was born!

Since then, we have made it our mission to educate and inspire communities across the globe to adopt sustainable habits that last a lifetime. It is an absolute pleasure to have you be a part of this movement, and we are looking forward for all of the radiance that lies ahead!

All the best,