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    100% cotton, 100% Canadian beeswax, jojoba oil, resin and lots of love. 
    Product Proposition:
    The first 100% plastic free beeswax wrap baggie!!
    All natural & totally can bury these in your back yard and within a year there will be no trace! Now that's ZERO foot print!
    The Founder:
    Stemming from the desire to keep my kids’ lunches healthy, with the inspiration to be part of a solution that helps to address a global crisis, I created BeeBAGZ™, the first 100% plastic free beeswax wrap baggie. With a simple solution, small changes can have a big impact, if we all adopt them. With BeeBAGZ™ we are giving people a choice to
    Thank you for helping us clean up our oceans and landfills, one plastic bag at a time.