The Zero Waste Superhero

The Zero Waste Superhero

It's no secret that our environment needs saving - and it's our smallest habits that can truly create the greatest difference.

From the food you consume to the products you store it in, every aspect of your daily life can be modified and adapted to better support and sustain the health of our planet. With air quality constantly decreasing while ocean pollution sees an exponential rise, your actions matter more now than ever.

We're here to introduce you to a range of zero waste superheroes that can help you make an impact while minimizing your ecological footprint. Spread the word, and join the movement!


Made with all-natural ingredients.

Made with the highest quality Canadian beeswax, BeeBAGZ are all-natural and are naturally anti-bacterial. They are made with pure ingredients and are produced through environmentally-conscious processes, allowing our planet to remain green as can be.

Easy to clean and maintain.

Not only are BeeBAGZ easy to use, they're also incredibly easy to clean! By simply rinsing with cold water and soap before tenting them to dry, you can keep your food fresh for longer, over and over again.

Entirely biodegradable.

One of our favourite parts of BeeBAGZ is the fact that they are entirely waste-free and biodegradable. Whether you repurpose them into fire starters or bury them in your backyard, BeeBAGZ will disintegrate, leaving no trace of materials and no harm on our environment.

Reusable for up to a year.

In shifting away from single-use plastics bags and opting for a reusable alternative, you're saving the planet from endless pollution. By using your BeeBAGZ for up to one year before replacing them, you'll know you're benefitting our Earth each and every day.

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