Show Mom and Mother Earth Some Love This Year

Show Mom and Mother Earth Some Love This Year

Happy Mothers day to all the incredible mothers, including Mother Earth herself. 

As we acknowledge and celebrate mothers on May 8th, let’s also celebrate & be reminded of the greatest mother of all, Mother Earth and all that she provides us.

Let's show "mom" and Mother Earth lots of love by shopping for gifts that are sustainable, eco-friendly and that promote a healthier eco-system. Before making that purchase for mom, consider the social and environmental sustainability associated with that store, that company or that "special" gift. Is it likely end up in a landfill producing methane gases for hundreds of years? Has it been produced by child labour? Does that company pay living wages?

No doubt these are all hard measures to understand when looking at a product in store or online but some simple research in advance can point you towards companies, brands and products/services that adhere to strict social and environmental standards. One way of doing so is looking for companies that are B Corp certified.  Companies with this designation have been vetted based on their demonstrated ability to provide a positive impact to their employees, the environment and the world as a whole, through the act of doing business.  


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Sustainable Gift Ideas For Mom

Here are a few brand or product ideas mom will love and you will as well, knowing they are made by certified B Corp companies with strong social and environmental practices.

Pela Phone Cases

The Pela Case is made of compostable materials and has a lower carbon footprint and lower greenhouse gas emissions than traditional plastic. Pela cases are sustainably produced, utilizing 30% less carbon emissions, 34% less water and 80% less waste. It can also be left to compost in a home composting environment.

Lomi Kitchen Composter

In as little as three hours, the Lomi countertop composter transforms organic waste into practically odor-free dirt. In 16 to 20 hours, it produces rich fertilizer that can be used for potting plants or nourishing a garden.

Composting is a proven means of reducing the amount of methane gasses released at the landfill so with Lomi, you are making a positive environmental impact. 


One of the first companies to sign up for B Corp certification in 2012, Patagonia has a long history of integrating sustainability and social governance into its business practices.

Currently, almost 70% of Patagonia's products are made from recycled materials and by 2025, the goal is to be using 100% renewable or recycled materials.


Earth-First is Tentree's commitment to prioritizing a world where the planet and its people come first.  Their products are produced in ethical manufacturing environments, using the most sustainable materials and packaging and for every item that is sold, they have made a commitment to plant 10 trees.  To date, they have planted 77,279,203 trees, with the goal of planting 1 billion by the year 2030.


A certified B Corp company, Eminence products are handmade without any severe heating or hydrogenating processes that can affect the nutritional content and potency of natural ingredients. Vitamins are captured in their all-natural fresh base, offering dramatic results as actual seeds, pulps and peels impart regenerative and healing powers that only nature can produce.

The company leverages wind and solar powered energy in the making of their products and plant a tree for every product sold. 


Help mom eliminate single use plastic bags in the kitchen with BeeBAGZ®. These reusable, all-natural and biodegradable food storage bags are an ideal way to keep food fresh, minimize food waste, while helping to divert plastic content from our landfills and waterways.

BeeBAGZ® are Canadian made and proud to be a certified B Corp company.

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