Pets Want Sustainability, Too!

Pets Want Sustainability, Too!

It's no secret that our furry friends love the outdoors. While they might not be aware of the harms that pollution and plastic waste cause, we're sure they'd want us to keep our beautiful environment as green and vibrant as possible. So, since there are many decisions that we make on behalf on our pets and in their interest, let's make sure we're making choices that they'd be proud of. It's far more simple than you might think!

DIY your pet treats at home.

One of most pets' favourite words is definitely "treat". But who said we can't make all-natural, sustainable versions in the comfort of our own homes? Not only does this reduce waste from the production and packaging of treats, it's also a fun DIY project that you can incorporate as a weekly or monthly ritual. So, get together with a few pet-loving friends, find new recipes online, and get to baking! Your pet will love you for it, even more than they already do.

Feed your pets all-natural food.

Most store-bought pet foods are filled with chemicals and harmful toxins that have little to no benefits for our furry friends. However, there are several all-natural options out there that provide our pets with the nutrients they need, while keeping our planet's health front of mind, too. With a little research and mindfulness at work, we can make sure that our pets are ingesting only the best, while ensuring our planet isn't harmed in the process.

Opt for eco-conscious toys.

While our consumption includes items like clothing and home goods, our pets' accounts for toys. In a similar way as we are mindful of fast fashion, it's important for us to ensure that we are providing our pets with toys that are both sustainable and durable. How many times have you purchased cheap options, only to have your pet tear through them within days? Let's say goodbye to single-use toys and hello to alternatives that last. Your pet is sure to find a favourite they love.
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