New To Beeswax Wrap Products?

New To Beeswax Wrap Products?

For many households, the concept of utilizing anything other than Ziploc bags or cling wrap for food storage is still a relatively new concept. As more sustainable alternatives are introduced into the market however, there are endless opportunities to challenge ourselves and introduce new habits into our lifestyles.
One such means of reducing plastic into our daily routines, while minimizing our ecological footprint on the environment, is the use of beeswax wrap products. Whether as a food wrap or a food storage bag, these reusable, all-natural products are a proven means of keeping food fresher, while keeping single use plastics out of our landfills and waterways.

Keeping Fruits & Veggies Fresh

Tired of throwing out your soggy and wilted leafy greens? Reduce food waste and keep your spinach, kale, lettuce, herbs and other produce and fruits fresh by storing them in BeeBAGZ® food storage bags. Naturally breathable and proven to protect and preserve the life of your food. 

Storing Leftovers in the Fridge

Beeswax wraps and bags are an ideal way to ditch plastic wrap and Ziploc bags.  Simply insert food into bags, fold over top and seal with the warmth of your hands. The wraps are just as easy...mold them over bowls or jars and keep your food tightly sealed.  No need to choke the life out of your food with single use plastics.

Lunches & Snacks On The Go

Beeswax wraps and food bags are just as functional when on the go.  Pack sandwiches, wraps, cut fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers, nuts and other snacks when heading to work or out on your weekend cycle or hike.  Safe for you and the environment!

Natural Fire Starters

 Lighting fires no longer requires the use of toxic petroleum chemicals. All-natural and waterproof options such as FireSTARTERZ™ provide a simple and eco-friendly means of getting your campfires, wood stoves, fireplaces or grills started. Repurpose old beeswax bags or wraps by cutting them into strips or rolling them into balls for great fire starters. 


Storing Open Pet Food Cans

Silicone and plastic can covers are limited to specific sizes of cans and are harmful to our environment when disposed of.  BeeLIDZ™ are a more functional and sustainable option as they are reusable, adaptable to any sized can, able to be repurposed or harmlessly biodegraded at the end of their functional life. Cover and seal with the warmth of your hands...that easy!

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