Fall Tips For A Smaller Footprint!

We hope you’re having a fantastic fall season! We’ve been busy here at BeeBAGZ™, but like any productive hive, we thrive when we’re active!
We know it’s a busy time for you too. So, the gang here at BeeBAGZ™ has come up with this list of tips for making your fall a little more economical, efficient and, of course, all with a lighter footprint. 

Halloween Hacks

plastic Dressing up? Skip the scary masks. We think painted faces make for better costumes anyways and you can let your creativity shine! DIY costumes rule! See what's around your house that sparks your imagination. Or, if you're pressed for time, simply skip buying new and opt for a pre-loved costume. 

Dolling out treats? Consider stationary and other fun options to give away that aren't wrapped in plastic!  Or, if you want to give away chocolate, do some research into brands that are more ethical!

Rethink Raking

Drop the rake! Put a halt the thankless chore of raking, piling and bagging your fall leaves. If you want to help the ecosystem of your yard, either mulch them with the lawn mower, or, just leave the carpet of autumn to retain important nutrients for your yard. These dead leaves will also act as mulch, protecting the soil around your trees, shrubs, or garden.

Invest in Better Work Gear

Fall is typically a productive time of year.  And to make work a bit more inspiring, it’s fun to treat yourself to good, practical work accessories. When I came across UNBEGUN, an Amsterdam based bag label, I was pretty excited. They transform Amsterdam market stall covers into unique handmade products. I picked up a laptop sleeve and love it! The covers arrive at UNBEGUN after five years of excellent market service. Every piece is treated differently – every cover is, after all, unique. When clean and shiny, they’re carefully cut according to size, shape and story. Shout out to this awesome initiative. Every small gesture counts!

Enjoy the Fresh Fall Air

Our last tip? Fall is short, but oh-so-sweet! Grab your hikers and camera and get out and take in the colour and fresh air. Savouring the beauty of the nature that surrounds us helps to stay inspired to make conscious choices to protect it! Looking for fuel for your trek? Pack your BeeBAGZ™ with your favourite energy bars, cookies or trail mix and get out there!

Until next time! Have an awesome autumn!
Kristi & All of Us Here at The Hive!
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