Everything old is new again!

Everything old is new again!

As we've been working toward finding balance and wellness during these changing times, we've noticed an interesting trend. From board games to gardening, how we are spending this extra time at home has a certain old-timey feel to it, especially in the kitchen. And we say that in the most positive way!
Of course, streaming and video games are part of our day-to-day reality too. But, many of us are returning to the simpler pleasures and also revisiting some super-practical ways of going about our domestic tasks. These traditional ways are often better for our pocketbooks and for the environment. Below are some of our favourite emerging trends.

We're baking more!
If you've tried to buy yeast in the last few weeks, you know many of us have discovered a passion for baking. Making our own bread and other treats reduces our footprint, but is also amazing for our mental health. Experts say that there is a strong therapeutic value to the hobby. Read more in this University of Alberta story. 

We're growing our own food! 
Our current dependence on grocery stores for all of our food needs is relatively new. Here in our local community of Muskoka, and in communities the world over, people are reviving the tradition of the backyard veggie garden. Community plots are also helping boost food security. This is better for the environment and our health! Read more here

We're preserving wisely!
We're recognizing the value of fresh food and getting resourceful about how we preserve it. People are returning the tradition of pickling and preserving. Of course, there are lots of plastic-free ways to keep food fresh, like using BeeBAGZ™. Did you know that the idea of using beeswax to prolong the life of food is actually centuries old? Learn more about the history of this tradition here
We're cooking and eating together again
In decades past, most families had no choice but to cook at home. A meal wasn't a phone call away, but required a little labour in the kitchen. Dining in front of the TV is a pretty new phenomenon too. Since we're all at home pretty much every day now, we're returning to preparing more of our own meals and taking the time to savour them together, which is better for the Earth and our mental health. Read more about the positives of this revival here
We hope that this note leaves you feeling inspired to revisit some of your own favourite traditions, especially those that support a low-waste lifestyle. Happy cooking! Happy gardening! 
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