Enjoying the Outdoors Sustainably

Enjoying the Outdoors Sustainably

Spring is in the air which means it is time for outdoor adventures.  Whether your choice of activities involve hiking, biking, camping or simply relaxing by a lake enjoying the natural surroundings, we are sure to be spending the next few months outside, making the most of our warm weather season. 

As we do so however, let’s be mindful of the footprint we leave behind. Let's minimize the impact we have on the environment and its inhabitants by being thoughtful when it comes to things such as:

  • Minimizing noise pollution
  • Leaving nature how we found it
  • Respecting the rules of the parks, camps or trails we share
  • Respecting wildlife

To learn more about the ways we can better protect our natural surroundings while enjoying them, check out the 7 Principles from the Leave No Trace Foundation

Minimizing Waste Disposal

While enjoying our outdoor activities, we should also strive to minimize the amount of waste we dispose of. A key part of this effort is to limit the amount of single use plastic packaging, bottles and plastic bags we take with us when we head out camping, hiking or enjoying our leisurely daytime ventures.  In Canada alone, an estimated 3 million tons of plastic waste is generated every year, which poses an environmental threat to our lakes, rivers, oceans and wildlife. 

Organizations such as A Greener Future are leading efforts to reduce the impacts of litter on the environment, economy and people.  To date, this organization has been responsible for picking up 3.2 million pieces of litter and are great examples of environmental stewardship. However, the greatest impact on environmental preservation will be achieved only if each of us does our part to eliminate plastic waste.

Sustainable Alternatives to Single Use Plastic


Made from all natural ingredients such as cotton, jojoba oil, resin and beeswax, these plastic-free, reusable food storage bags are the perfect choice for packing sandwiches, fruits, vegetables or other food items if going on adventures that require keeping food fresher for sustained periods of time.  These biodegradable beeswax bags are also ideal for storing snacks if out for a quick hike or ride.

With BeeBAGZ™, there is no need to worry about packing your food and snacks in environmentally harmful products such as single use Ziploc bags that end up in landfills and waterways, where they take hundreds of years to break down. 


If camping or overnight backpacking is your thing, make sure you take along some of these amazing fire starter strips to make your adventure more sustainable and less laborious.  Waterproof, all natural and chemical free, FireSTARTERZ makes lighting your fire as easy as throwing a few strips in with your unlit wood and lighting a match. 

Heading out on an overnight trek or on a daytime hike, plan for a waste-free adventure.  Make sure to bring along reusable water bottles rather than plastic disposable kinds and help to reduce the more than 10,000 tonnes of plastics that enter our Great Lakes every year.

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