Easy to Make, Easy to Break: Motivation to Keep Your Green Resolutions

So, here we are. It’s mid-January. The holidays seem like a lifetime ago. Now is about the time when many of us start to lose steam on our new year’s resolutions. But, here at the hive, we're feeling pretty inspired and want to share a dose of positivity when you might need a little boost!

We've got a few reasons to feel pretty positive. BeeBAGZ™ have got a fresh new look! We took the feedback we've been receiving since our launch and wove it together to release our new 2020 collections. We're also feeling pretty inspired about achieving our green resolutions. If you're looking for some extra inspo to achieve yours, here are a few helpful reminders why we all need to stay the course and make 2020 our lowest waste, greenest year yet!

It saves money. 

Of the "three R's” (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), many experts concur that REDUCE is actually the most impactful. As the Environmental Protection Agency says, "the most effective way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place." When we consume less, we're buying less, which doesn't just mean a lighter footprint, it also means we are spending less and more mindful of what we do buy. And while we know that items that are produced ethically and ecologically are often higher priced, they typically last longer than their plastic counterparts and are able to be used again and again.

It's healthier for your body. 

Are you driving less to reduce your carbon footprint? Walking and biking  is awesome for both your mental and physical health, improving your fitness and providing those healthy endorphins we all love! Another health-eco win?  When you’re reducing the amount of plastic in your life, that often also means that you’re purchasing fewer packaged items and more whole foods.  Yum!

It sets a good example. 

Have you been monitoring Fire Drill Fridays? Jane Fonda and other high-profile celebrities are making meaningful statements about climate change. But you don’t need to be a Hollywood star to make use of your own power. Your kids, neighbours, colleagues and friends are watching when you make small changes, whether that’s walking over driving, or carpooling, reusing items in clever ways, buying local, or reducing your consumption levels. Behaviour change is contagious! 

It just feels right

Anxiety over the health of our planet is real.  In a recent New Scientist article discussing this very issue, psychotherapist Mary-Jayne Rust suggests that changing your lifestyle to be more compatible with your values can help with eco-anxiety. So the small lifestyle changes you make are good for the earth and your wellbeing.

We hope this helps you keep your momentum. Let's make 2020 light on waste and rich with actions and words that will make the year healthier for ourselves and the planet!


Kristi and the Hive. 

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