Celebrating Earth Day a Little Differently

Celebrating Earth Day a Little Differently

This Earth Day is unlike any other. In this challenging time, we are inspired by the creativity and adaptability of organizers and change-makers who are going digital, springing into action with virtual events, webinars, screenings and online activities to make the 50th anniversary of this annual event extraordinary. Check out earthday.org for details on how to to get involved.

And beyond the virtual world, there is a still a lot we can do in our real lives. Being at home with more time to reflect, we are reminded of our priorities and how important it is to #preservewhatmatters. We think this applies broadly in terms of the environment and more intimately, in our homes in terms of our resources, like fresh food. 

Earth Day in Your Kitchen

There's a lot we can do in our own homes, like only buying what we need, composting our waste, properly storing food, cooking with scraps, and embracing leftovers! We can also continue to work towards living plastic-free and achieving our zero waste goals by using reusable food wraps and reusable food bags. BeeBAGZ™ continues to support these initiatives by keeping the precious food that you bring home fresher, longer with our eco-friendly food storage bags.

Giving Back for Earth Day and Every Day

And don’t forget that when you invest in our BeeBAGZ™ reusable snack bags and lunch bags, you’re supporting our mission to give back. We support: The Land Between, a terrific steward of our local Muskoka environment; The David Suzuki Foundation, a national-level organization, working to protect the natural environment, and help create a sustainable Canada; and 1% For The Planet, a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions.

Celebrate + Enjoy

We hope that you have some fun celebrating Earth Day from home! Start to prep some seedlings for your own hyper-local produce! Try a recipe that uses up fridge scraps! Or curl up with a good book or movie about our stunning planet earth. Every drop, and every gesture, counts!

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Thank you for everything you’re doing!

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