Celebrate with Less Waste

Celebrate with Less Waste

The holidays are upon us. And after a very busy 2019, all of us here at the BeeBAGZ™ hive are looking forward to a little downtime with our loved ones.

Before we go into holiday mode, we want to connect with you about a few things. First, we have a new tag line! We decided that "Preserve what matters" aptly reflects not only what we make (compostable bags that keep food fresh longer), but what we believe: that the earth and the natural beauty that surrounds us must be protected. Inspired by this tag line and philosophy, we're also sharing some simple tips for not only treading lighting this holiday season, but for making memories you'll want to preserve for years to come. 

Skip the wrapping paper, get creative. 

Canadians send about 540,000 tonnes of wrapping paraphernalia to the landfill during the holidays. Time to get creative! Pick up some recycled craft paper and find some stamps! Use pinecones, boughs or other natural items to adorn the gifts, or make a pretty tea towel or other fabric item part of your gift and use that as your "wrapping paper." Of course, putting your gift in a BeeBAG™ is also a smart way to "wrap."

Skip the Mall, Head into Nature.

We all know the cycle, as soon as the holiday shopping ends, the Boxing Day sales begin. It can be hard to resist the savings. But let's get real for a second, spending an entire day battling crowds in a congested mall isn't exactly quality time. Do something with your family or friends that you'll actually enjoy and remember! Grab the toboggan, the snowshoes or skis and spend some of your time off appreciating nature!

Go Digital with Last-Minute Gifts. 

So, here we are with just a few days left before the big break and many of us still have gifts to get. Avoid the stress of constantly checking your package tracking and give a digital gift; it's more earth friendly and instantaneous. Purchase tickets to a show or send your loved on a digital gift card. BeeBAGZ™ just launched our first-ever digital gift card, if you're looking for ideas! 

Serve less meat, offer more veggies. 

You don't have to give up all your holiday traditions, however, offering more vegetables will show your vegetarian and vegan friends you care and keep your footprint smaller this holiday. Get a little inspiration from this video from The Lancet about how to eat healthier and more sustainably and info why it's imperative that we reduce our consumption of animal-based foods. 
We hope that you find these tips helpful! With 2020 just around the corner, we look forward to making even more strides toward living plastic-free and zero waste lives!

And please stay tuned for more news from the hive! We have some exciting developments in the works! Watch our social media for news and updates from our team.

In the meantime, we wish you all the very best of the season.

With glad tidings,
Kristi and The Hive
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